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All I got to say is thank god for Dr. Sep Zahedi. I have been bouncing from dentist to dentist because of my dental anxiety and all they do is offer me laughing gas or oral pill. None of it does anything for me. Finally my last dentist referred me to Dr. Zahedi who is also a trained anesthesiologist. So he is a doctor and a dentist? but he offered me deep sedation with IV and I had all of my work done in one visit including 2 root canals on teeth that were killing me for months. I didnt feel anything, dont remember anything. It was everything I always wanted from a dentist visit. Finally!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

Krissy P.

Flexible hours, nice stuff, good dentists. I guess I had a good experience, I would recommend the place if you need a place to get your teeth checked or fixed.

Google User