dental anxietyWhile our worst fears can wreak havoc on our lives from time to time, a particular phobia can be very harmful to the health of our mouths.

Dental Phobia, or Dental Anxiety, is a common condition that causes sufferers to avoid visiting the dentist at all costs. Though some people may experience a normal fear of the dentist – Dental Phobia keeps patients from important visits. Years spent away from the dentist’s office can lead to an unsightly smile, and pose a serious threat to one’s health. This phobia can be triggered early on due to a faulty or painful dental incident as a child – or can even take its toll later on as an adult after a bad dental experience. Others suffer from this phobia as a distressing side effect to previous traumatic experiences.

Dr. Sepehr Zahedi – DDS, MSc Dental Anesthesia

Dr. Sepehr Zahedi is a dentist with a Master’s degree in dental anesthesiology. He is a graduate of the Dental Anesthesiology program at the University of Toronto in 2012, a three-year post-graduate degree. Prior to this, he also attained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from University of Toronto. Dr. Zahedi maintains general anesthesia and sedation for dentistry facilities in lower mainland and is also an associate professor at the University of British Columbia in the field of pediatric sedation as well as local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. Dr. Zahedi has tailored his practices to accommodate patients who are very dentally anxious, medically compromised, or developmentally delayed.

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